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About Grace Lai

Grace was one of Chicago's most prolific "On-Site" Pen & Ink, Watercolor artists.  She had a passion for depicting Chicago's changing skyline, as it was being constructed.  Grace drew and painted her works of art while she was actually "On-Site", in the environment and out in the elements - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.,  Her paintings captured the daily teamwork, toil and transition of the construction crews as they forever changed Chicago’s skyline.

In February of 2015, the Smithsonian Institute archived Grace Lai's works and life in their "American Artists Project".  This induction was due to the much appreciated efforts of her friends and admirers at Chicago's Chinatown Museum.  Grace’s prints are available for purchase on this Web Site, for information on her original paintings and a schedule of her artwork to be shown in Chicago in 2015, please see the Contact Us area of this site.  When you purchase a Grace Lai print, you honor a prolific artist and own a true piece of Chicago’s history!